Novel Excerpt: Dharmendra’s Life – The Meena Kumari Stage


The initial unfortunate involvement that occurred in Dharmendra’s lifestyle was with Meena Kumari.

The majority of the market believes-and possibly, expertly so-that it had been the star-crossed celebrity, bereft of sufficient affection and love in real life, that took a fancy into the strapping young man she’d come to understand because the time they started shooting for Purnima. Three movies followed – Majhli Didi Chandan Ka Palna and Baharon Ki Manzil, however those all bombed.

As stated, it had been Purnima which has been launched initially, and like having numerous leading heroines whom he worked for the very first time, the new young actor asked a buddy,’What’s she like?’ The biographer of meena Kumari says that Dharmendra had been’petrified at the prospect of confronting her ‘

The celebrity was very intimidated by the guy’s answer she might outclass him with a mere glimpse, a twitch of the lips or even a’dialog’. The friend advised when they met her toes to touch.

Consequently, the biography continues, Dharmendra approached her with the utmost respect, humility and openness to learn. The actor had promised to be worshipper and her lover. He’d see her films and fantasy that when he became a celebrity he’d do a movie.

If they had been released in Chandivali Studios, Dharmendra was’thrilled, happy and gratified’ she had been hot, friendly and inviting towards him. The touching say,’The boy would grow. He’s not a entry.’


And that is when we arrive at the appropriate part: At the time she desired a secure and dedicated man to look after her. And Dharmendra was the man in the ideal place at the ideal moment.

We’d rather not, so, give credence to the concept that Dharmendra utilized Kumari to maneuver up the starry ladder and then lost her. Let’s analyze things step by step none of the movies was a significant film-maker’s job. Hrishikesh Mukherjee, that headed Majhli Didi, arguably the group’s biggest flop, was no one to carry casting proposals from any celebrity, senior (such as Meena Kumari) or junior (such as Dharmendra).

Dharmendra, as we’ve observed, had an extremely promising box-office track record (best called’upwardly mobile’ in modern lexicon) who had given him an advantage over contemporaries and a few seniors, thus we have to state the concept that Dharmendra utilized Meena Kumari for career improvement doesn’t hold water. In terms of their coincidental biggest strike collectively, Phool Aur Patthar, it had been Dharmendra’s job and body (only in that order) that zoomed his position way up once the movie was adored. The celebrity position, at worst of meena Kumari, was untouched, and it helped her last few movies before changing to character roles in 1968 as a woman.

An anonymous source has said that originally the connection was just about function, but using an excess contribution from Kumari’s side. She’d exude confidence in Dharmendra by adjusting himmaking him his shots, describing things so he may understand his job and overcome his flaws – and this notably in her spare timefor movies where she wasn’t his heroine.

It’s said by’dressing and adjusting weak things,’ the celebrity, deprived of love, desired to engage his attention, as she had been too much of a trusted title to make a pass publicly. In this manner, she’d get to spend some time without even making her goals known to anyone. Nearly a visitor in her home in the Janki Kutir of Juhu, a jar would open and spend hours.

However, contrary to popular perception, Dharmendra was able to limit her alcohol intake when he had been there with her. He had been everything she desired and wanted – honest loving and dependable. However, when he’d depart, she’d go berserk.



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