Realme 2 Guru Review – It Includes a 6.3-inch, full-HD+ Screen with a dewdrop notch


Chinese smartphone manufacturers appear to be after a new trend of producing sub-brands that appeal to younger buyers that are demanding. We’ve seen Honor from Lenovo from Zuk and Huawei, and we have had Poco. Realme was summoned away from Oppo. The Guru moniker from the title implies that the mobile has hardware, and the target market appears to be millennials and pupils. The Realme 2 Guru ticks the boxes that are proper however it is time to determine if it could keep up with the contest, and how it performs. We fought a little however, the phone itself is not too thick. It is a bit on the other hand in 8.5mm, however, the curved polycarbonate edges offer you a comfy grip. The body brings lots of fingerprints and smudges, but it is believed to provide some resistance against scratches and heat. The claim may not be accurate, as our inspection unit picked scuffs up after a few times of use. The glass does not wrap around the sides as easily as we’d have liked, making the borders somewhat rough to the touch. This can be made worse with the borders of this display protector that was pre-applied. Even the’dewdrop’ layout appears to be gaining popularity since it takes up the footprint, and it seems great. On account of the small size there is only enough space for the camera that is front and there is no telling LED. While the detectors are put on the right the earpiece is set over the camera.

The volume and power buttons are on opposite sides of your telephone, and line up nicely with your palms. That is something we could not examine as our inspection unit was sourced out of Vietnam, although the phone is supposed to support 4G using VoLTE. When we utilized two Airtel SIMs Double 4G functioned, but there was not any toggle for VoLTE. Realme informs us that components in India will have support for 4G.

In the base, we’ve got one speaker grille, a Micro-USB port, and also a 3.5millimeter headphone socket. It’s simple when holding the phone to block the speaker. The fingerprint sensor is put in the rear, and is quite fast. We did not confront any. Somewhat protrudes but we did not observe any scratches on the glass. From the box, you receive a few instruction leaflets, a cable, a SIM compacted instrument, a silicone case, and a 10W charger.

Realme 2 Guru specifications and applications

The specifications of this Realme 2 Guru are fairly solid. Up until today, the only phones priced under Rs. 20,000 which it’s been seen in are the Xiaomi Mi A2 (Inspection ) and the newly released Vivo V9 Pro. Exotic numbers attest to its capacities, whilst at the GFXbench gaming evaluation that is T-rex, we have a score of 39fps also AnTuTu returned a rating of 1,31,968 points.

The telephone is offered in 3 RAM and storage settings to fit your budget. You’ve got 6GB of storage a choice of RAM using 64GB of storage and the one we now have. The version of this 2 Guru is the first phone in this price segment.

Realme 2 Guru programs ndtv realmeColorOS 5.2 ships with a few handy utilities and gestures such as Smart Sidebar Unless you are coming out of an Oppo telephone number there is a learning curve . Apart from that, it polished, although the newest edition of ColorOS gets the annoying procedure for ignoring a telling. Additionally, it supplies a lot of customisation choices and expressions. Our unit had a great deal of programs which will not be present on components that are Indian, but we can not tell whether a few bloatware will arrive in their own place. Itoperates only when your eyes are available so that it’s more secure than a number of the implementations, and’s really fast at authentication. The display lights up in surroundings for help. Face recognition can be enabled by you for procuring a space that is personal and apps as well as unlocking the telephone itself. You can add shortcuts. The navigation keys may be swapped out. Some gestures are useful, like the swipe for carrying a screenshot, and a swipe for entering style.

We utilized the Realme 2 Guru for many days and very frankly we found little to complain about. Besides a few quirks of all programs ColorOS and the UI generally run. We loading, and did not observe any slowdowns when multitasking times for games were great. The screen is legible as equilibrium is retained by colors. Much doesn’t heat up. The rear of the telephone got a bit hot, but that was just after camera use or prolonged gambling. Call quality was great, and there is telephone recording.

Realme 2 Guru screen ndtv realmeThe Realme 2 Guru includes a little notch and slender bezels around the screen

The Game Space program provides you the choice to block notifications and free memory up when you develop a match. There is a switch to’Graphics acceleration,’ which based on Realme, is best optimised for Stadium and PUBG of Valor. We did not detect any difference in gameplay or picture quality in PUBG, since the game ran fine even at’HD’ picture quality along with the framerate set to’High’.

The only speaker seems tinny and is not very loud. There is nothing although you get audio enhancement for cans. Filled up the display, meaning that some articles is blocked by the notch. This this may be adjusted by altering the setting of every program in the Preferences program, which prevents them from expanding to the place. We discovered colors and good selection, with lots of information in items, like leaves on trees in a distance. The aperture generates a impact. When shooting items such as pets due to shutter lag, but aside from that, autofocus was rapid we fought to have a shot. There is a button so that it’s not beneficial, for zoom, which does a zoom.

Harness to watch full-sized Realme 2 Guru camera samples

The 2nd 2-megapixel detector is just used for thickness calculation. Pictures shot at the’Portrait’ style appear great, under artificial lighting in the nighttime, even with edge sharpness and detection on our topics. You may select from a lot of light effects. Photographs were somewhat grainy, and particulars required a small hit, particularly. Close-ups lacked sharpness, but we ended up with shots.

Video listed at 1080p appeared good. There stabilisation, which functions nicely in the movie. There is no stabilisation and quality was great in daytime, although 4K recording is encouraged. Video was somewhat grainy. Other time-lapse and style, there are not any possibilities for movie. The mode works since the AI will be a little competitive with impacts in the event that you set it manually.

Realme has utilized a 16-megapixel front detector, and you could also use bokeh effects, HDR, along with a display flash. Details might have been improved although Picture quality is adequate. It pops up skin tones a little although the display flash is good at ridding your face. There is a’Decals’ mode which allows you insert people’s faces and AR decals that are various. We had two SIM cards. Within our HD video loop evaluation, we have a runtime of 22 minutes and 10 hours, which can be better than ordinary. The Realme 2 Guru does not support charging, but using all the adapter, we could reach about 64 percent and it took 20 minutes and approximately two hours to bill out of zero.


The Realme 2 Guru delivers nicely on the promise of becoming a potent phone.

The Realme 2 Guru has a great deal going for it, largely its sharp and vibrant screen, quick encounter unlock, neatly built topnotch, great build quality, and strong app and gaming functionality. Low-light video and still performance might have been improved and we want that Realme (and Oppo) could eliminate the annoying manner that notifications are managed.

Aside from that, the Realme 2 Guru is a good choice under Rs. 20,000 in case you’re trying to find a fantastic all-rounder.


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