Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Review – The earphone are comfortable to wear for long durations


Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Bluetooth earphones are in the marketplace for a few months and we’ve finally got our hands on a review unitwe thought we would take them for a spin. Intended for on-the-go usage, a layout language that much like this Sennheiser Momentum Free is followed by the earphones. In Rs. 7,490they also charge nearly half what Sennheiser charges because of its premium Momentum Free earphones. Let us see whether the CX 6.00BT be able to really deliver on the characteristics and functionality they guarantee.

The simple layout of this Sennheiser CX 6.00BT make them simple to carry around. The layout means there is no neck ring, so it is only. You obtain an inline controller module on the right and yet another module. There is a modest node in the close of the chord, and this may be employed after wearing them to correct the fit of their earphones. They are very light so that you feel them in order that they are inclined to dangle about however, the modules are dangled out of your ears. This will not make them perfect for almost any use like gymming or jogging.

The earbuds themselves have been constructed well and also have a little profile, so that they do not stand out when you wear them. They’re constructed from top excellent vinyl and feel solid. We enjoy. The caliber of the silicone ear tips is great and they fit in your ears. The control pod that is plastic houses three buttons — a one for play plus just two for volume / pause. It is also possible to use the controls to items like triggering your phone assistant and skipping tracks. The earphones also contain a interface and a mic .

Sennheiser does not detail how big these drivers, simply saying that it utilize a”user friendly speaker program”. They’re also available. The earphones encourage codecs such as aptX and the battery guarantees around half an hour of battery life on a single charge and aptX Low Latency. The earphones do not have any IP evaluation for water or perspiration resistance, along with noteworthy codecs such as AAC and aptX HD are overlooking.

From the box, you receive a 3 additional sets of ear tips in various dimensions and also a Micro-USB charging cable. Sennheiser’s website says the CX 6.00BT include a situation, but the provider is really referring to the petroleum box that the earphones ships in, that is not exactly the same as a traveling case. We’d have enjoyed a carry pouch for usage for the earphones. We did not have any form of problems that are fatigue after using them for a few hours. The ear tips sit on your ear for the large part. They offer you a degree of ambient sound isolation that is passive although not a great deal. We’d find ourselves needing to readjust them while wearing them, when we conducted as the modules have a tendency to yank them.

The ear buds do not have some magnets at the home to lock them together whenever you aren’t listening to audio. The ear tips do a fantastic job in preventing noise so those should not get bothered. Low frequencies are managed with bass that is tight and punchy, such as Stargazing from Travis Scott, which will be on display in paths. Without becoming the frequencies are treated with caution as seem crisp and there is lots of information.

We have typically never had difficulties with many Sennheiser earphones from the preceding frequency ranges but the highs is 1 place where we have seen them many times, and regrettably, it is the exact same story here. Because midsize and the bass really opens up in higher volumes, this is really a shame, but the notes are somewhat hard to manage after some stage. This is particularly evident in monitors such as Chains.

We analyzed that the Sennheiser CX 6.00BT with a number of audio tracks, which range from music streamed out of Apple Music to high resolution FLAC files. We used the Samsung Galaxy S9 but employed the earphones while paired with also a MacBook Air along with an Apple iPhone XS. You can connect at one time, which we found very handy as we listen without having to take off the earphones and can answer calls. The mic works well for voice calls. The buttons on the remote that is in-line are chunky and also we did not have any problems locating them. The button press is reassuring and strong .

The earphones work nicely with videos, without a noticeable audio-video sync problems. We was able to have about 5 hours of usage, with the quantity set to 80 per cent or over. You will find voice prompts when audio is not playing, for assessing the battery level as it drops low and you get warning messages. The earphones took approximately 20 minutes and 1 hour to control, when charging by means of a notebook. An LED on the distant that is in-line turns from red to blue when the earphones are charged.

Verdict Sound quality is great if you bump up the volume can get fatiguing however, the highs are. Around this cost, it is also possible to locate Sony’s WI-SP600N should you would rather a layout, which contain Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT cans or an evaluation for perspiration resistance and sound cancellation.

If you are a heavy user then the battery life could be a little bit of a problem, but aside from that, the CX 6.00BT delivers adequate sound functionality, coupled with great ergonomics.


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