Why are Kashmiris Not Citizens?


Throughout the 2010 civilian unrest in Kashmir, an all-party delegation headed by Home Minister P Chidambaram seen the Valley to reach out to individuals and find a means to solve the crisis. Through a discussion in Tangmarg, a young man asked the group members why they did not feel pain when part of the body was bleeding -“How can it be possible that my arm has been amputated along with my body does not feel the pain” The delegation, which comprised parliamentarians currently Finance Minister – was amazed by the words of the Kashmiri man.

At the center of this unrest where over 100 civilians were murdered by the slogans and forces of”Azadi” were discovered across the Valley, the guy was hoping to request a bunch of national leaders if they believed him a citizen of India. If so, why did not the legislation that protect every citizen’s rights at the nation employ to Kashmiris? Videos showing the troops shooting are in flow. There’s not much to guess about what occurred that morning after a soldier and three militants had been killed in an experience.

The teenagers had bullet wounds over the waist – inside their torso, head and neck. Scores received pellet and bullet injuries.

Seconds before a national election, this type of catastrophe would have turned into a huge political issue, had it happened in almost any other portion of the nation. Heads would have rolled leaders could have hurried to console the victims’ families.

Mandsaur at Madhya Pradesh, the epicenter of farmer protests in June last year during that five farmers had been killed in police shooting, became a significant reason behind the departure of the BJP and its own powerful chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan”Mamaji (uncle)” after 15 consecutive years in energy. The victims were emphasized by the press. Nobody asked the protesters threw stones and attacking the forces from Mandsaur.

In the previous 3 decades, over 300 civilians have been murdered in Kashmir. Not a single episode was probed rather than a single accused confronted trial. Over 16,000 people were hurt. The horror has completely or partly blinded countless individuals. But has heard any pioneer telling countrymen and looking for a probe or raising his voice against such killings and blindings our taxpayers are being murdered with impunity.

Even pellet firing at 19-month-old infant girl Hiba wasn’t sufficient to shake the country’s conscience. The pellet sufferer has gone through two operations in her eye and physicians are doubtful they are able to restore her vision.

dbdfe34g (Kashmir’s problems could be solved by adopting its individuals, not with bullets or abuses).”

Regrettably, the words didn’t translate into truth.

After every killing, the victims are held accountable for their passing.

What they have been doing in the website of an experience is the most predictable query. Is never inquired, they were murdered. A lot of the media clarifies shooting civilians as”clashes”, giving the impression it is an even game and in ways, justifying it. Authorities and Authorities handouts are ordered on the lines. To put it differently, a sign they were accountable to their deaths. He did not condemn the massacre. No probe was arranged to repair responsibility. The state authorities have abdicated their responsibilities.

Following the Supreme Court order placing on hold the FIR against Army officer Important Aditya, who had been accused of murdering three civilians in shooting in January, there’s an unwritten rule that each police station is after – to not submit any FIR against security forces.

Do not people of this nation deserve to understand why 8,000 taxpayers are missing in Kashmir? In accordance with a company that manages missing individuals in Kashmir security forces picked up those individuals and nobody knows if they’re living or dead. There are dozens and dozens of graves that are unmarked and nobody knows who’s buried there. Individuals were exposed to torture and there have been. Instances of killings and encounters beg the question why is this land’s regulation not currently functioning in Kashmir?

Lately, the Supreme Court dismissed a lot of petitions filed by 750 military men challenging cases filed against alleged excesses from Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir. The top court stated:”If there’s lack of life, in an experience, should not the individual life requirement that it needs to be considered and an investigation ought to be performed?” Registration of FIRs acted as a deterrent and assisting calm tempers the security forces murdered each time civilians. Since the constitution states they enjoy rights and privileges. Jammu and Kashmir constitution and a Ranbir Penal Code also protects their rights. However, in fact, it restricted to the law publications and on civil rights, constitution and the floor have been kept in suspended animation. Is there some attorney in the Supreme Court who filed PIL or a request about legislation in India aren’t being enforced to protect citizen rights?

To start with, New Delhi’s biggest confidence building step in Kashmir is to employ the constitution and the legislation, and also to see to the people of Kashmir as equal citizens. The facts and opinions don’t reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV doesn’t assume liability or any responsibility for exactly the same.


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